I am interested in the history of markets, money management, and investment philosophy and process. 

Though much of it may have been forgotten, everything I share is part of the public record (be it newspapers, books, or public filings).

"This  is a money game and money is the way we keep score. But the real object of the Game is not money, it is the playing of the Game itself. For the true players, you could take all the trophies away and substitute plastic beads or whale's teeth; as long as there is a way to keep score, they will play."
Adam Smith, The Money Game

"What is history all about if not the exquisite delight of knowing the details and not only the abstract patterns?" Stephen Jay Gould

Things I tweet about:

(in no particular order)


George Soros
1981: Soros's transformational crisis of 1981
2000: Soros Quantum Embraces Technology, Feels Squeeze
1975: Securities Fund Shuns Wall Streets Fashions
1987: Are Stocks too high?
1987: A bad two weeks


Stanley Druckenmiller
1998: The biggest mistake of my career
1988: Battening down for a recession

Paul Tudor Jones
1988: Quotron Man
1987: Trader With a Hot hand


Seth Klarman
1991: Value Hunter
1988: Cheapskates in a pricey stock market
1996: Caution Do Not Feed The Wild Bull
1993: Money Managers New Faces Old Methods

Warren Buffett
1985: Buffett Revises Investment Strategy (Inflation)
1989: Knightly Warren Buffett Trips Up Rescued Champion
1977: The Collector - Investor Who Piled Up $100 Million
1966: Buffett Explains investment goals
1965: Textile Concern Changes Control


Ben Graham
1932: Inflated Treasuries and Deflated Stockholders
1932: Net-Nets


John Maynard Keynes
1938: Defending his performance
1929: National Mutual Life Assurance Society


Carl Icahn
1980: Carl Icahn, Arbitrageur
1986: Carl Icahn: Raider or Manager
1979: High Roller


Julian Robertson
1999: A Tiger Fights to Reclaim his old roar
1986: The Red-Hot World of Julian Robertson

Michael Steinhardt
1995: Variant Perceptions
1986: Powerful Trader Relies on Information

Jim Chanos
1987: Shortsellers in the Bull Market
1985: Market Hardball
1983: Gilford Analyst Foresaw Baldwin Cash Problems

Michael Price
1996: Mr. Price Is on the Line


Max Heine
1976: Max Heine of Mutual Shares


Roger Engemann
1987: Interview in OID
1991: Optimism Pays Off
1994: Waiting for Turn in Growth Stocks

Henry Singleton
1976: Henry Singleton's Singular Conglomerate